​New Dawn Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

This years Mane Event Fundraiser is sponsored by the following

New Dawn was founded March of 2014 by President and Founder Katelyn Hayes. Katelyn has owned her own horses for many years and after adopting her first rescue in 2013 she saw that there was a greater need for equine rescue and safe havens for the once forgotten. She had a vision to include her community and home town in experiencing the world of equines, their love and all they had to offer the world. New Dawn offers programs for schools, sports teams, families and therapy programs for those looking for an additional form of therapy. As of today we have saved 17 equines from abused and slaughter and have participated in rescue efforts for all animals facing natural disasters including; Butte Fire 2015, Lake County Fire 2015, and all Norther California fires taking place right now. Your donations not only help fund our projects but our rescue efforts as well.   We look forward to saving more equines in the days to come and sharing this journey with you all! We thank you in advance for your love and support!

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