* New Dawn's Rescue Efforts for CaliforniaFires​*

2018 became our 4th year helping with the California Wildfires. We have assisted in evacuation, transport, animal medical and getting needing feed to the animal victims of California Wildfires. Butte County was struck Nov 7th 2018 by the deadliest wildfires in California history and by the far the most devastating fire we have aided in. In total we did 14 trips to Paradise and surrounding areas to help rescue, search and aid in every way possible during the fire. A HUGE thank you to our supporters for donating nearly $10,000 in supplies that we have continued to drop to victims and their animals. We. could not pull of this greatness without your support. It is our goal for 2019 to start a reserve for any and all natural disaster situations going forward. It is our goal to have the finances available at all times so that in the event of a natural disaster we can be on scene with help faster! More on our plans for 2019 disaster relief to come! XO 

At New Dawn the donations not only serve our rescues but also go towards rescue efforts during natural disaster situations such as the California wildfires of 2017 & 2018

​New Dawn Equine Rescue and Sanctuary