​New Dawn Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

At New Dawn the donations not only serve our rescues but also go towards rescue efforts during natural disaster situations such as the California wildfires of 2017 & 2018

                        * New Dawn's Rescue Efforts for CaliforniaFires 2017​*

October 2017 is when life changed for many Northern California communities, families, businesses, ranchers, animals...the list goes on. Their lives will never be the same and so many have lost all. The morning I woke to hear the news of the first fire (Atlas Fire) in Napa I was ready to go. I participated in rescue efforts Oct 2015 at both the Lake county and Butte fires. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going with truck and trailer to give where I could. Over the past week we have collected donations, made the trips, dropped goods and assisted in rescue efforts through out Norther Cal. Our efforts will continue until we are no longer needed. All donations being made here will be going straight to our efforts until further notice. Here is a look at our efforts and the scene so far. Please give if you can! We thank you for helping us make this possible! XO