Sponsor Levels

​New Dawn Equine Rescue and Sanctuary

  Sponsor an Equine! 
               At New Dawn we provide a special program of sponsoring an equine of your      choice.
There are six different sponsorship levels that help us provide for the equine of your choice every month.


**Feed sponsors and higher will receive a quarterly update and photo of the equine they have chose to    support! Want to visit your equine? Schedule an appointment to come visit, groom and love on your equine!**

                  *Basic Equine Sponsor $25 a month- Goes towards general costs of all of our equines. 

                                           *Feed Sponsor $50 a month- Covers feed for an equine of your choice

                              *Silver Sponsor- $75 a month- Covers your equines hay, grain and worming

                   *Gold Sponsor-$99 a month-Covers your equines hay, grain, worming and farrier visits. 

  *Super Star Sponsor $150 a month- Covers your equines hay, grain, worming, farrier, veterinary expenses.

              *Dream Sponsor $275- Covers two equines hay, grain, worming farrier and veterinary expenses. 

        *If you are sponsoring at a Super Star or Dream level you will be notified if

               your equine has had an inquire about being adopted, at this time you have the first rights towards adopting your equine.